Entrepreneur Engineering Society

Entrepreneur Engineering Society

The Entrepreneurship Engineering Research Society originally began as a branch off of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineer in December of 2000 as a temporary research society. Since then, more than 20 years have already passed along with a history of research. With the recession from the "Lost Decade" of Japan's manufacturing industry from the 1990s, we based our research on the inspiration of the entrepreneurial spirit and have, using technology and management's crossing points, continued to strive for the revitalization of the Japan's industries. We have accumulated research from the trailblazers of the arts and sciences fields, and made points of contacts for business-makers and researchers to come together. We hope for and welcome all active participants.

Challenging for Innovation

About us


Our research society, based upon the entrepreneurial spirit of business creation, strives to unify skills with management, discovering the best path of business establishment for innovator seeds as well as systemizing a methodology for and answer to the business establishment problem. The path from idea to product development in the marketplace, or up to the point where service can be provided, is a fusion of two flows: 1) The downward flow where the seed-innovator must work with the management resource until the product or service reaches the marketplace and 2) The upward flow of the seeds-side realizing the needs of the marketplace. The critical point of this product development process is the crossing point of these two processes and can also be explained as the ignition point where entrepreneurship acts as a catalyst for the creation of new values and unions (see diagram below). Using the various case studies of past business-establishment processes, our research society establishes entrepreneurial engineering as well as contributes to the nurturing of entrepreneurs who may play active roles in society.

Field of Management

The fields we handle are centrally focused upon the technological fields managed by our mother-society, The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineer, though are not limited to technological and non-technological fields so as to adapt to the research of the innovator seed's business creation process. Archetypal topics include:
1. Entrepreneurship
2. Start-up businesses and businesses succession
3. Value creation, innovation, knowledge management
4. New business development, new market creation, business-model creation
5. Promotion of business and technological strategies
6. Product development management, R & D management
7. Promotion of regional industries, global management

Committee Board Members 2022

Member Name Affiliated Party
Committee chairperson Tetuzo Ueda Panasonic
Sub Committee chairperson Masanao Kanetoh Hosei University
Board member Ishiwara Hiroshi (Ex) Tokyo Institute of Technology
Board member Kazuhito Yamada Hosei University
Board member Goro Tuzuki Kochi University of Technology
Board member Testuo Yoshimoto Ritsumeikan University
Board member Sadayo Hirata Shibaura Institute of Technology
Board member Richard B. Dasher Stanford University
Board member Yuichiro Nakamura Mejiro University
Board member Atushi Osanai Waseda University
Special committee member Kouichi Ogawa University of Tokyo
Advisory body Satoshi Kabasawa Osaka University
Advisory body Gota Kano Kochi University of Technology
Advisory body Mitsuhiro Kurashige Kochi University of Technology
Advisory body Osamu Tomisawa Kochi University of Technology


Please make all contacts to the board member below:
Visual Media Information Academic Society Office - Research Staff
Room 403 Kikaishinko Kaikan
3-5-8 Shiba koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0011 JAPAN
TEL.03-3432-4677 FAX.03-3432-4675
E-mail: sako@ite.or.jp
Office webpage:http://www.jspmi.or.jp/kaigishitsu/access.html